Monday, May 30, 2011

Hiking Unemcumbered: Naked Hikers Day

Yeah, certainly at times I feel like throwing off my clothes and prancing in the buff along a remote wilderness trail. It would just be my luck to run into a law enforcement officer of some kind, though. That doesn't seem to stop some people. I once encountered a young couple backpacking along the Appalachian Trail in SW Virginia. Other than their boots and packs, they had narry a stitch on and seemed quite happy with the situation. They claimed it was "naked hikers day." Yeah, right.

Maybe I should declare today as "breaking and entering day." Would that protect me from being prosecuted if I broke into someone's home and got caught? Somehow I doubt it. I can just picture it now: "But officer, today is National Breaking and Entering Day." Maybe we should combine the two and come up with"National Breaking and Entering Naked Hikers Day." That should make the front page. I can just see the photo that would go with a story like that.

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