Monday, August 8, 2011

Hiking Precautions: You May Not Be Alone

So there I was, to use an inelegant opening, quietly sliding through the trees, pretending I was Daniel Boone, although I doubt Boone had any well-groomed trails like this one to follow. Anyway, the trail was in a State Park in North Carolina; it meandered around an inlet of a sizeable lake, not too far from the parking lot. The weather was perfect for a nice hike and the scenery, if not exactly spectacular, was pleasing to the eyes. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you happen to be a voyeur, my eyes slid across the inlet to a small beach on the other side. Much to my surprise, I saw a young couple, although the distance was a tad far to precisely determine their age group but not too far to guess pretty accurately what they were doing. The man was standing and the woman was kneeling in front of him. It was not precisely a study in still life. Need I say more?

The moral of this story is that what you think is an isolated beach along a deserted trail may not be as isolated or deserted as you think. I guess they didn't realize the trail wound all the way around to the far side where hikers would have a fine view of whatever was happening on that beach.

I wonder if they even would have cared?

Would you?

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  1. Caught a couple of high school kids doing it in a hammock!
    The dummies hung the hammock next to the trail, I said I'm sorry to bother you and walked on by. Next time I will blow my whistle and holler BEAR!